Law office Larisa Dudciuc - Alba Iulia

“Larisa Dudciuc” Law Office is located in Alba Iulia and it offers its juridical services in the entire country, as it has collaborators all over Romania.

The services, our law office provides, consist of legal assistance and representation of the physical and juridical persons in front of all legal courts: first instance courts and courts of appeal and also, in front of any public or private institution.

Respect, seriousness and competence were the premises of the foundation of Larisa Dudciuc Law Office, which further on transformed into the leading principles governing the activities of the law office.
We work for attaining the legal objectives of our clients with celerity and minimum costs.

We guarantee to our clients confidentiality, honesty and loyalty. In this respect, we provide the legal services, the assistance and the expertise expected from renowned law firms, trying also to be a step forward all the time.
A very important aspect of our activity is represented by our collaboration with legal specialists, in order to be certain not only that we correctly understand the needs and the objectives of our clients, but also to make sure that we can help them to achieve their legal goals.

The law office is represented by Larisa Dudciuc, born Manescu.
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