Areas of practice

“LARISA DUDCIUC” law office provides the following legal services to its clients (physical or juridical persons):

Representation services

Consultancy services

Mediation services

Areas of practice

“Larisa Dudciuc” Law Office operates in the following fields of law:

- Requests for restitution of property in front of the public administration authorities or in front of the competent legal courts
- Actions for recovery of property
- Actions regarding expropriation
- Actions for establishing the right of property
- Acquisitive prescription
- Real estate accession
- Possession actions/right of property actions
- Land partition
- Actions on encumbrance, usufruct, habitation
- Stepping out from co-ownership
- Judicial sharing
- Ex delicto civil liability
- Actions regarding the registration of the property right in the Land Registry Book
B. Housing Law
-Evacuation actions
-Reintegration actions
- Drafting leases / housing, loan, commodate, services, trade contracts
- Cancellation / invalidity finding of housing contracts,
- Setting up  homeowners associations
- Recovery of the debts.

C. Family Law/Personal Rights
- Cancellation / invalidity of a marriages
- Divorce,
- Sharing,
- Entrusting a minor,
- Establishment of the maintenance pension
- Establishing parentage,
- Denying paternity
- Late registration of birth,
- Guardianship / curatorship,.

D. Law of inheritance :
- Donations (cancellation, abrogation, reports, reductions, generosity),
- Wills,
- Division of inheritance,
- Cancellation / revocation  of inheritance certificate.

E. Contracts:
- Drafting and certification of the contracts: sale and purchase contract, promise of sale and purchase, loan, exchange, lease, pledge, borrow, novation, transaction, assignment of debt, life annuity, maintenance, civil society, contract, mandate, commission, lease, guarantee.
- Contractual civil liability,
- Cancellation / invalidity contracts
- Compensation.

F. Debts recovery/execution :
- Ways of termination of financial obligations,
-Payment Collection letter
- Action on the claims,
-  Voluntary execution
- Forced execution,
- Appeals/litigation to execution.

-drafting collective /individual labour agreements
- editing decisions,
- the dissolution of labour agreement
- Sanctions / disciplinary appeal,
- Labour disputes,
- Labour conflicts,
- Cancelling decisions regarding labour relations
Our office exercises any of the following activities relating to commercial companies: foundation, management, conduct, division, dissolution, merger, liquidation, termination of the company:
• consultancy on commercial contracts
• recovery of debts through the procedure for summoning the payment
• debt recovery
• booking of the name for the company
• drafting/editing the articles of incorporation which will include: your data, object of activity, capital, operating conditions, conditions of settlement, and all other data required by the Law 31/1990
• drafting the administrator/executive’s declaration and co-partner declaration associated in a commercial company
• drawing up the ownership document of the registered office(contract of loan or lease)
• capital submission
• lodging and supporting the documents in front of the judges appointed to the Trade Registry in order to obtain a registration certificate
• Our law office may also declare the registered office of your company at our office address for a period of 6 months, as required by the law and it can obtain the fiscal record (absolutely necessary for the partners and directors in the moment of the setting up of the companies).